Some Words From our Past Students

At the end of every class we have our students fill out a questionaire about the class. We never collect names, just a few simple answers and space to write in some comments. Here is what past students have said about our classes:

* Great Class

* Thank You! I appreciate your give a shit attitude (toward the industry)

* Very Imformative & helpful

* Thanks! I enjoyed your class!

* I learned a lot more about bio-medical waste & how to properly store and dispose of it

* Hand washing demo was very imformative

* Very informative. I really appreciate how much you guys care about the importance of being sterile. I feel lucky to have come into the business when i did

* This class was good. I learned valuable information. The instructions were very nice and answered all the questions that i had. I would recommend this class to a friend wanting to take one.

* I learned a lot about the various forms of bio medical waste & their proper disposal

* Your very pleasant to learn from! This was a comfortable environment

* Greatly informative. I look forward to learning more from your future classes

* Very informative and well organized

* I learned that i do not wash my hands as well as i thought that i did! Now i know how to properly wash them

© Audra Alexopoulos 2012